Cengiz Dervis

Cengiz Dervis is an actor, combat expert, producer and writer from London, England.

2015 sees Cengiz cast in two feature films in principle roles and 2014 saw Cengiz has deliver leading roles in three international feature films and a number of award festival shorts. These roles include: a legendary sociopath hitman, a black ops special forces soldier with amnesia (adapted from a best selling book), an unfaithful husband, an eco-terrorist, an underground fighter and a time traveller. Cengiz prides himself on bringing the best of he’s acting capabilities and blending it with the best of he’s physicality (extensive unarmed and armed combat background). This blend gives him the ability to bring a very real and powerful reality to the roles he plays

Cengiz has always trained in the martial arts and competed extensively. Now a former 3 x world kickboxing champion who’s training began at the age of 5 under his uncle; Professor Grand Master Shen in a Korean influenced system called Shen Chi Do. Cengiz now a master of the art has also trained in a number of other systems; kickboxing, mma, boxing, muay thai, hapkido, kuksulwon, wing chun, including ancient, eastern and modern weapons. Given his understanding of on screen action, Cengiz occasionally assist to prepare actors physically for film. (Rowan Atkinson, Matthew Macfadyen, Natalie Imbruglia to name a few…)

Over the years Cengiz has started to receive nominations and awards for his work as an actor, producer and writer including; 2015 nominated for ‘Male Action Performer of The Year’ and throughout 2013 – 2015 seeing his short film production projects ‘Drake’‘London Hood’, ‘Brothers Promise’ which he also starred in recieve nominations and win multiple awards at international film festivals. These along with other projects he’d been cast in receiving nominations and awards including; 2014 nominated for Best Villain in the film ‘Salvation’  and ‘Crude’

In 2012 Cengiz launched ‘Fight Me Productions’ and in 2015 was selected in The Top 100 Indie Filmmakers in the World. As a published writer of books and scripts Cengiz has a growing slate of works, including: ‘The DRAKE Files’ the first of three 280 page graphic novels ‘Jengito’ his children book series and a number of other short and feature film scripts at various stages at: ‘Fight Me Productions

Back in 2000 Cengiz was instrumental in co-founding / creating one of London’s most exclusive health clubs KX Gym before moving on in 2004 to open his own studio . Cengiz still spends time coaching others whilst always making time to work on himself and contributing his time to individuals and groups as and where he can.