Action in Prague

Re-created-Knightfall_logo_2It’s been a busy time since joining the cast in June on an epic new TV series titled ‘KNIGHTFALL’ filming in Prague until the end of the year!

A whirlwind of costume fittings, horse riding, ongoing fight rehearsals with a wonderful bunch of extremely talented people. Behind the scenes I’ve had fun creating my character who’s a pretty intense individual and we’ve just wrapped on 2 episodes directed by the brilliant Douglas MacKinnon.


History-Channel-LogoThere’s not much more I can say or share on the production at this stage as it’s a closed set, however… the scripts are some of the best I’ve ever read, the sets are spectacular, costumes are outstanding and the entire cast and crew are true seasoned professionals and the calibre is jaw dropping throughout which has me very excited for the audience…




Good news is during my time on set I’ve made some new furry friends. 🙂

IMG_8488 IMG_8492