BY ANY NAME Festival Screening

On Tuesday 10th May 2016 action thriller feature film ‘By Any Name’ based on the best selling novel of the same name by Katherine John had it’s first screening at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales a BAFTA Cymru Qualifying Festival. (IMDb)

I had the honour of being cast as the leading man alongside Samira Mohamed Ali, Dan Richardson, Victor Ptak, Huw Richards, Phillip Embrey. Even though it wasn’t the films premiere it was wonderful to see in attendance some of the key cast, crew including Director Euros Jones-Evans, Director of Photography Paul Dudbridge and the author Katherine John (aka Karen Watkins) who goes under a number of pen names, Katherine John, Catrin Collier…

The film runs for just under 90mins and I’m pleased to report presents wonderfully well and the feedback from the audience was extremely positive. A couple nearest me leaned over during the end credits and said:

‘you made me cry, I was gripped throughout, just wonderful, really great’.

This was really lovely immediate feedback but on the night all my thoughts where with the author and her thoughts on my best efforts to bring the leading character John West to life. Having read the novel which is superb and then working through the script it was clear John West was going to be a challenge to play given the circumstances we find him in… covered in blood and suffering from amnesia (no spoilers). So once cast I set to work doing all I could in the 12 weeks of preparation to deliver on absolutely every level, emotionally, physically etc.


Once the film ended I looked over at Karen (Katherine John, Catrin Collier) and her smile said it all… in that moment my job was done and I sighed a huge sigh and then felt extremely proud of myself and everyone involved in getting this project from page to screen. I later received a message from Karen some of which I’ll share as has truly made my week:

‘My perfect John West… Thank you – that smiles – sheer relief and admiration at your performance. Much Love, Karen’

So the film is now with the sales agent at the Cannes film festival and no doubt will appear at a few other festivals before it’s release and a little bird tells me there’s a possibility of a sequel…

So in the meantime if your looking for a great read then go ahead and enjoy the truly wonderful ‘BY ANY NAME’ or any of the other 48+ books written by Katherine John, Catrin Collier…