Karl Broadie

On 19th April 2016 at 4:10am one of my dearest friends Karl Broadie passed away in Australia from a very short but extremely valiant battle against cancer which broke many a heart including mine!

At the time he took a turn for the worse I was in LA running around in various meetings trying to pick up my next job and secure US management all of which felt pretty unimportant when I received word Karl was fading fast… everything became a suffocating tear filled blur and in the space of a week my dear friend was gone!

Thinking back I remember knocking for Karl on route to school and usually having to wake him up by jumping on his bed. Until Karl joined the secondary school I was a pretty lost soul, a creative in space that was quite an aggressive environment and not much focus on the arts, so I played truant most of the time.

Karl had moved down to London from Scotland with his family and at the time I had a Saturday job in a sports shop where by chance they’d popped in to buy a sports bag for Karl’s new school. I assisted Karl and his mum at the shop only to then find myself sat next to him at school on Monday in French.

Karl had arrived this pro-active, creative whirlwind who was in immediate action to form a band which I joined initially as keyboard player (who couldn’t play keyboards) before fronting the band as the lead singer when we both realised I could actually sing far better then I could play three and four finger chords! Within weeks I’d gone from hating and avoiding school to loving it, well not school but the fact for the first time I had a the coolest likeminded friend to hang out with and make loads of noise with whilst talking about anything and everything, mostly our dreams that we saw as completely possible some of which where outrageous but made for good lying on your back looking up at the sky conversations – many tears of laughter rolled from our eyes on many occasions.  

At school we’d spend any free moment hanging out working on songs and planning the next big gig which was a massive distraction in classes but so much fun!!!

After finishing school and a couple of years of trying to make it as musicians in various setups, Karl moved over to Australia which gave me a great reason to visit Oz. I remember like it was yesterday being 14 and talking about our big plans to take on the world and all the things we where going to do.

FAST FORWARD October 2015… Karl now a highly respected, renowned and loved Singer-Songwriter was over in the London with his two awesome son’s Oskar and Travis. As always it was so great to catch up in the flesh but also really lovely to pause and acknowledge that not only we’re we doing creatively, professional what we said we would, but where both getting so much joy out of helping others do the same.

One of those rare friendships that no matter how long your apart or no matter how long you haven’t spoken for… whenever we caught up it was so effortless and like we’d never been apart.

Had I have known that this would be the last time we’d share time together I would have hugged him longer when we said goodbye and told him I loved him dearly. He was my other brother and such a special bond we shared that words really cannot do justice to. With time running out I sent him a video message, though I was hoping for a miracle… I wanted him to know he was loved dearly, that without him I may have never tapped into my creativity and plucked up the courage to go after my WHY and that we needed more time…

Karl was loved and will be missed by so many and I cannot help but think of his mother Margaret who was always so kind to me and so very loving and supportive of Karl. They had a relationship that I always admired and it was so beautiful to experience and was without doubt his favourite person on the planet.

I’m all cried out and the pressure in my chest has eased making way for the burning desire I have to carry on with relentless drive and passion towards goals and dreams that two 14 year old boys imagined possible all those years ago.

Karl not a day will pass where you will not be missed though I will speak to you often…

Karl Broadie & Cengiz Dervis

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