RETRIBUTION and BY ANY NAME nominated for awards at AOF 2016, Los Angeles, California. 2nd – 10th September 2016.

This is such great news and I’m very proud of all involved in the making of these two wonderful films!

Film screening day / times / tickets:

RETRIBUTION – 5th Sept – 10pm Theatre 2
BY ANY NAME – 9th Sept – 6pm Theatre 11
Krikorian, Monrovia, CA


Black Tie Awards Dinner on Saturday 10th September

Nominations taken from The AOF Official Film and Video Nominations for 2016

Best Cinematography – Feature
1. Bad Frank – Tony Germinario
2. Retribution – Danny Albury / David Bispham
3. Needlestick – Steven Karageanes
4. Intersection – Tim French
5. Blood, Sand and Gold – Gaelan Connell
6. Rum Runners – William Nelson

Best Visual Effects – Feature
1. Station 4 – Errol Sack
2. Sleepwalkers – Ryan Lightborn
3. Needlestick – Steven Karageanes
4. Retribution – Danny Albury / David Bispham
5. Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter – Neil Johnson
6. The Killer Robots! Crash and Burn – Sam Gaffin

Best Sound Design – Feature
1. Sleepwalkers – Ryan Lightborn
2. Retribution – Danny Albury / David Bispham
3. Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter – Neil Johnson
4. The Red Maple Leaf – Frank D’Angelo
5. The Killer Robots! Crash and Burn – Sam Gaffin
6. Territory 8 – Kelly Schwarze

Breakout Action Star – Male – Feature
1. Mike Moller – Atomic Eden
2. Kevin Interdonato – Bad Frank
3. Josh Thomson – Fist of The Dragon
4. Cengiz Dervis – Retribution
5. David Abrahmov – The Light
6. Paul Logan – The Horde

Best Action Sequence Martial Arts’ Award
1. Fist of The Dragon – Antony Szeto
2. The Promised One – Sang Lin
3. Stunt Games – David Xarach
4. The Ultimate Hero – Sky Lion Cui Lei
5. By Any Name – Euros Jones-Evans 


Dan, a hardened debt collector (Dan Richardson) goes on a twenty-four hour rampage through London in an attempt to avenge the brutal attack on his teenage daughter. His violent mission becomes a race against time when his targets hire infamous contract killer Mr Gallo (Cengiz Dervis) to hunt him down. Aware of the carnage unravelling on the streets of his city, D.I Reed (Hugh Quarshie) risks everything to apprehend Dan and prevent a massacre.


BY ANY NAME based on the Best Selling Novel By Katherine John

A man is admitted into a psychiatric ward after being found running on the Brecon Beacons bloodstained and half naked. Suffering from amnesia, his doctor Elizabeth Santer helps him try and regain his memory. With only a knowledge of Wales and sophisticated military techniques he finds himself on the run from both the Police and Military. The hunt is on for answers and time is running out for Elizabeth and the man she only knows as ‘John West’.