Seven Inspirations

As an actor, it’s practically part of my job to watch other people’s work. Studying what other actors do can help you to improve your own skills, and throughout my career there have been so many actors who have moved me and educated me by their choices. Here’s several actors who have inspired me and helped me grow, simply by watching them work.

Denzel Washington

For me, Denzel has always been an extremely powerful and brave actor. He’s had so many diverse and challenging roles, and he always delivers. There have been many times where I’ve watched and re-watched his delivery of a scene that literally floored me. His role in Fences shows that he’s still at the top of his game, even after decades in the industry.



Kirk Douglas

I think Kirk is one of the classic greats. My dad introduced me to his work, and I’m so glad he did. His performances are always electric and so physical, but he also has this boyish smile that shines through – that always blew me away. The words ‘fearless’, ‘dangerous’, and ‘exciting’ always come to mind when I think of his work.



Marlon Brando

How could Marlon not be on this list? His performances were always intense and incredibly powerful but somehow, he always managed to convey an unexpected vulnerability. Away from his iconic good looks and the scandal that always seemed to follow him everywhere, he was a phenomenal actor. His vulnerable edge made me realise that vulnerability can make a character so much more interesting, especially if that character is meant to be a man of action. 


Morgan Freeman

Morgan possess two qualities that I love: a stillness that draws you in and makes you want to hear his inner dialogue, and that incredible, powerful voice. It makes so many of his performances mesmerising, and he still delivers in every role that he’s in.




Tony Curtis

Discovering Kirk Douglas led me to Tony Curtis. The first thing you notice about Tony is his good looks – there’s no denying he was handsome back in the day. He had these piercing eyes that had the ability to fill you with warmth, make you laugh out loud, or absolutely terrify you. It’s that versatility that drew me to him.




Oliver Reed

I love my roles in dark, gritty action films and Oliver Reed is one of my biggest inspirations for that kind of role. He was always dark, dangerous, and unpredictable with the most intense eyes!




Dustin Hoffman

Where do I begin… So many memorable roles and performances that for me makes him one of the greatest diverse actors ever. A lifetime of some truly outstanding work that I’m so very grateful to have experienced and learned from!