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The TÉ 2 U app is a fantastic bunch of very effective, purposeful and equipment free circuit workouts designed and presented by one of the world’s top personal trainers, Cengiz Dervis, who really is a very unique and inspirational individual!

Cengiz has designed the TÉ 2 U app to be extremely user friendly and the user can choose to do just a warm up, just a workout or just a stretch or all of the above. There is no equipment required for any of the workouts, so they can be done anywhere you choose; home, work, park etc.

 The workouts are challenging, fluid and fun and are managed by time and as there are video clips of every exercise you’ll have no problem following the selected warm up, workout or stretch.

TÉ 2 U features:

  • 4 x 5min warm ups to choose from
  • 15 x circuit workouts: 5 x Beginner, 5 x Intermediate and 5 x Advance.
  • 1 x partner workout in each of the above levels.
  • 3 x stretching options: 1 x maintenance, 1 x Developmental and 1 x partner stretch.
  • Progress / Rewards from 60min – 3500min
  • Ability to select and listen to your own music playlist whilst training.
  • No equipment required.

The TÉ 2 U app stars Cengiz Dervis and co-stars the gorgeous Karolina Kaczor in the 3 partner workouts (TÉ senior trainer, NLP coach) 

Trailer Music written by Cengiz Dervis